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illustrator Hiromi Taguchi

Born in Yamaguchi Pref., and now living in Hyogo Pref., in Japan. She graduated with an Associates Degre in Desigh and Arts, from Asaka University of Arts Junior College, then acquired Associates Degree in Graphic Desgin from Osaka Sogo College. Has worked as a Graphic Desighner in the past, and now is involved actively as an illustrator since 2006.

Producer of mainly feminine fashion illustrations, and very schooled at drawing the female form, along with flowers, textiles and other dynamic Magazine art. Has experience in Magazine illustrations, along with book biding etc.  
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travel、Making sweets、Aromatherapy、Going back to sleep…etc.


●B o o k s●
"Meeting you was all I needed" (Shueisha bunko) Format cover
"Wait till nine o'clock" (Shueisha bunko) Format cover
"Yuuki tte nann darou" (Iwanami Junia shinsho) Format cover
"She do not like her" (Shueisha bunko) Format cover
"daughter book" (Joho Center Publishing CO.,Ltd.) Format cover

"OZ plus" (Starts Publishing Corporation) Illustration
"MISTY" (Jitsugyo no Nihon sha,Ltd.) illustration

"Years Diary starlab 2010" (LAB CLIP) Cover
                             …and more!!


2000.01 magazine "illustration"(GENKOSHA Co.) "No.123 111th The Choice" Winner

2004.02 "scarlet" exhibition Hiromi Taguchi (iTohen: Osaka)

2005.04 "coromo" exhibition Hiromi Taguchi (iTohen: Osaka)

2005.04  Works Hiromi Taguchi [coromo] published

2005.08  Competition and Exhibition "soramiito" (iTohen: Osaka) Participation

2006.08  Competition and Exhibition "soramiito" (iTohen: Osaka) Participation

2006.08  ELLE LOVES ART (TAKE ART) participants, making illustrations

2007.06 "Time friendly" exhibition Hiromi Taguchi (Malpu Gallery, Tokyo)

2007.10 "vol.2 draw a woman" group exhibition (OPA Gallery, Tokyo)

2009.06 "color" exhibition Hiromi Taguchi (Cell-D Co.LaBo: Hyogo)

2012.01 "LOVE" 4th 100 Artist Exhibition (Ouchi Gallery: New York ) Participation

2013.05 "Spangle" exhibition Hiromi Taguchi (Ouchi Gallery: New York )

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